Activity problem thing


Hello hopscotchers! This is Kay Kat. I posted a project on this already, but I thought I should say it here too. I'm having problems with my activity page. Whenever I come onto hopscotch, there is that blue dot thing next to the activity icon, and that happens whether I have new activity or not. On the project I posted, I got a ton of remixes saying that other people had the same problem. Do you have that problem too, or is it just some hopscotchers?


I'm having it too. :D


I have the problem, but I never thought about sharing it tho.


I have it too :D


Yeah, I didn't mention it, cause I figured THT would fix it, but then it just got really annoying so yeah...



Thats true.
@liza @Rodrigo @asha

Whats going on?


@kaykat, please SBYP. There are already topics about this.
(And I have the same problem)


Everybody says they have that problem but me. :3


I'm having the problem too, I know there is the delay but the app crashed last time I was using it and running old projects and when j came back I had a ton of new notifications


I have that problem too, but I guess it's lag.


I have that problem