Activity Notice. ;)



I'm going to be a little less active :slight_smile:
1. The school started 3 weeks ago for me. I'm at the 5th grade, and I have a LOT of homework. Plus music school.
2. I'm a very big procrastinator.
3. I have 6-8 lessons everyday.
4. I'll try to focus on coding, so, I'm going to be less active on the forum.

Bai! :slight_smile:


Bai! We'll miss you D:

Have a great life :)


Bai fren!


Dis is mai LAST week of school. ** passes chocopotatoes to @DMF **

Dat means I'm a year older than you, lol​:stuck_out_tongue:

I'm a



Have fun at school fren!(probably not verree fun tho):wink:


How are you in 5th grade and you can code so well.

flips table


No, I'm also 11 :slight_smile:


I'm in 5th grade, and I have 5 featured. Cool!


Potassium fren.

Such is life, growing up.


Ok, thank you for telling us! I hope to see you around, still! :D
just wait until you get to 7th grade, the homework is around 2-3 hours a night! XD