Activity Notice!


School is starting for me in a week! :scream:

A lot of Hopscotchers are making topics such as, "Will be Inactive," "School Starting I'll be Inactive," but right now it's pretty much the opposite for me.

I've been at camps, vacations, a club, and other fun summer stuff and I've been busy pretty much the entire summer. But now that summer is over and school is starting, I'll be a lot more active on Hopscotch! I can finally have time to just code after school and in the morning.

I've seriously had these drafts that are pretty decent since MAY, because I'm just that good at procrastinating. I used to finish most of my good projects in a day! :rolling_eyes:

I couldn't find time, but now I know I'll have some time to finally finish those! :smile:

But I'm afraid I won't be on the forum as much, because I got way too addicted back before summer when I still had school. I chose the forum over homework, friends, and Hopscotch itself! I don't like the way things turned out for me in real life. So I'm going to be spending a lot more time off the forum, but I'll still check it daily. Mostly to see the series @Dude73 is writing :laughing:

So I'll be making lots of more projects, just not on the forum a ton.:upside_down:

P.s. It's almost October! My one year anniversary on Hopscotch! Yay!!!


I'm so glad you'll be on more often! :smile:


Wait wat
Dat edit...
irresponsibly forum dies


I love that gif XD

I can't believe I haven't published a project in two weeks... That's the most I've ever gone I think :00000 So I just published my website



I've gone for months without publishing anything lol

Ooh! I'm going to go like it. :smile:


I like your new website! It's very cool but it's lagging for me :neutral_face:
It'll be awesome to see your awesome projects again :slight_smile:


Cool! I just checked it out, and I really liked it! I really like the changes you made to it! The colors match well!



Oh lol :joy:


wait what! you had your summer holiday? Its so different in Australia. In australia, we get 4 holidays including 1 huge holiday which goes for 7 weeks. The others are about 2-4 weeks and they are in April, June, September and then our big one December to late january


Oh my! You are a lot different then me!
I'm in the US


so right now its really hard for me to fit in a lot of projects :smile:
I will make projects a lot regularly in the holidays...


Woah! So much holidays!
First I got a week of holiday, then a month and a few days then a week again, then a month and a few days again.•_•


I'm in the other side of the world.


Summer holidays are 2 months in NZ
Too bad it's still early spring


Congrats Alyssa! I am a huge procrastinator too, BTW


Verrree gud job @Dude73! XD
I'm verrreeee proud :stuck_out_tongue:

@SmileyAlyssa can't wait to see your amazing projects! :D





Senpai is returning!!! YEYEYEYAYAYAY!


I am not your SENPAI.