Activity Down Again?



Big Problem?

I see on Hopscotch that my projects are getting likes, but the activity bar is down! Is this happening to anyone else?


Not really... 'Course I don't get a ton of likes on my projects lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I've gotten nine likes on a project but none are on my activity...


🤔 this was happening to people before... Maybe it's come up again?


There is already a topic about this!!! It's called 'No Notifications?'


This is for the app tho

Yeah, same! I watch my likes rise up, but they don't appear in my activity @Liza


Oh really sorry...


It's fine! Two topics makes it twice as important!


Yeah, I have that problem too...

As I examined @SmileyAlyssa's image with mine, I found out that it started 2 hours ago... 🤔



Yikes! It seems like mine is down, but this happens often. It's usually always lit up when I enter hopscotch... People have been remixing and liking my projects, but nothing is showing up.
For remixes, I'd just check the 'Remixes of my Projects' tab periodically. Refreshing hopscotch does not work, as I've just tried it. I have noticed that Activity has been lagging a lot lately.


When Activity Goes Down


@Snoopy you were my very last notification! :cold_sweat:


Is that bad? :neutral_face: @SmileyAlyssa


It's probably lag, try refreshing Hopscotch. But I think that it is behind by a few hours or so...


4 hours and counting :stuck_out_tongue:


No, it's not bad! Well, it's bad that notifications are down.


It's more like this



Ok, now I have been barely getting any remixes! They are like 7 hours apart! What's going on????


I'm getting remixes lol


Ok I will check mine!

What nooooooo:scream::fearful::cold_sweat::sob::sleepy::sweat::disappointed_relieved::cry:
What is the hopscotch teams email.. I will email them