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I use the forum a lot. A lot.

This has been messing up my schoolwork a little, so I'll be a little more inactive. If you don't see me for a day, that would be me doing my homework. I'll try my best to be on every day, though. Even though the forum is awesome, my education matters more than fun. I'm not leaving though!


Gude luck with school! :wink:


Ah, I see.

It takes a ton of self-control to be able to do this (have you seen my grades? eheh...), so you're a really organized person.

Good luck with your schoolwork!

Take as much time off as you need. Don't feel obligated to come onto the Forum just because it updates often and all that. Schoolwork comes first.


What they said ^^ :stuck_out_tongue:

#5 are you everywhere

is your goal to be in the spotlight on the front page


I'm nowhere... why would I be everywhere or in a spotlight? :0


Good luck with school! :D


Count the amount of your avatars from this screenshot


Some of it is @BaconStudios (KJr, not to be confused with KJR)


Alright. Thanks for telling us and good luck with school!:grinning:


The 2nd half of the first semester just started and I already have a C in Spanish


My grade sux this year XD

Bye! Good luck in school


I'm confused xD


Okay, i understand. Good luck with your school stuff!