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My Activity Center just stopped working... is this a glitch?

What's Up with Activity Tab?


I think so. Youre one of the automatically followed people like MagmaPOP and I, right? That might be the reason.


Yes I am. It happened in April :grin::sweat_smile:. But thanks, I won't worry about it


The activity center thing


Well, same on my side! Can't see a thing. I think @CreativeCoder answered the question. It feels kind of good to not have that green light go off though.


Yeah. I kinda like it :wink:.


Ugh, but I believe when your project gets featured, the Hopscotch Team likes it. For all I know, I could have a million featured projects right now!


But the thing is, the Hopscotch Team follows me, and I got a project on Rising.


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