Across the Archipelago — Community Board

This is my latest game — but… why is this separate from my other update topic?!

This is the first major community game! You travel across the archipelago as a fisherman. Parts of the world have special fish — you and your fellow forumers need to team up and find out what fish there are! Also there are islands scattered around the world, and once again the community needs to team up to find them all!

Special events will take place and there might be rewards to contributors :eyes:

Please read: This is not where you get updated for new content, that is strictly for my game update topic so please go their if you want to be tagged for updates

This is the place for talking about the game and helping each other figure out secrets!

Also let’s not ruin this — please don’t use any tools or cheats to find hidden stuff in the game as that’s part of the fun!

The game isn’t out yet, but I will post sneak peeks here for now!

(not tagging anything until the game is in its demo stage)


Community Wiki

Before you start flagging this post :sweat_smile: , you can’t edit this without making an edit suggestion, which will be explained at the bottom of this post.

What is this?!

This is the community wiki which is a public data based created by forumers! I will only post blank spaces where data has not been entered, meaning there’s something to find!

I will though post the personality, and maybe chance of catching the fish! (As it’s not publicly available)

All edits are also going to be logged separately, you will get credit for your addition!

Known Fish

Trestonian Ocean
  • Unknown

  • Unknown

  • Unknown

BonBon Isle
  • Unknown

  • Unknown

  • Unknown

Known Islands

Trestonian Ocean

  • BonBon Isle

Editing Info

psst — right here!

Quote this section if you’ve found a type of fish

Fish Name:
Fish Location:

Quote this section if you’ve found an island or ocean

Name of location:
Compass location:


This game is discontinued. Thank you for the support!