Account Deletion


@Liza Can you please delete my account? I am not helpful to the community and have no desire to remain on the forum. It means a lot. Thanks.


No, don't leave forever, we love you here!


We love you here on the forum don't leave! You may not be a big part of the comuity (but you are) but still you are nice cool swag and awesome!


Friendship no one hates you! We all love you in fact without you hopscotch would be empty! Please
Don't leave!


Nah you guys would be pretty fine without me.


I would cry you should have seen me when you said you were leaving!


Remember, you don't know what we think, and you can't predict the future. :wink:


Remember, I wasn't even talking to you.


Please don't mock me. :wink:


Omg I'm not mocking you just leave me alone for a bit.


@KathrynJaneway are you a fan of Star Trek?

cough..cough..Janeway From Voyager..cough...cough


Yes. I am. Anyways, I really want to leave.


If you really want to leave, you could probably email hopscotch and figure out how to delete your account from there.


@KathrynJaneway i know you, truly deep inside you want to stay. Maybe you should take a break for a little while and them come back. :wink:


I wish you wouldn't leave, but if you really want, I understand and I will respect your decision. But why don't you just not visit the forum, then maybe in the future you can come back?


Why delete your account? Just stop coming to the forum.


If anyone wants to contact me, I'll be on Scratch as KathrynJaneway.



You were so awesome here! I wish you would stay! Seriously, I think your projects are cool!

Either way, I respect your opinion! See ya around!

:wink: (Winky face challenge)