Accidental topic


Hi guys I couldn’t wait so here you guys go, enjoy!!!


@Artistic_cat @Sweater @Elemental_Cat @XiaoMiaoMi @photographer123 hai guys sorry if u wanted to make this topic I just couldn’t wait


No, I searched for it and there was none


Dangit never mind :disappointed_relieved:


I am jeez be patient ppl plez


Okeeeeeeee I am jeez( how do u delete topics ?)


You can’t delete topics, but you can think of something else and just change the the title and first post


I told ppl on this topic not to go on there :stuck_out_tongue: edit- I mean the official topic


Oh, sorry should I delete my post?


No it’s ok, I mean like not to think this is the REAL drawing topic




I might not I’ll just put change the name to " accidental topic"


Why am I even…? I’m just bored