Acceptable Emojis?


I sent Tromax a message "Great coding for the rage value" and added the purple smiling emoji with the horns after the message and i looked now and the emojis gone and a hollow square is now there. @t1 do you know why this happened?


Hmm that's strange, the emoji seemed to appear fine for me:

Does it still look like a hollow box?


yes it looks like a hollow box


Are you still looking from an iPad or are you looking from a computer? Though I think it should still work okay from both devices.


im on a windows 8.1 laptop using opera browser. maybe thats why. I'll check later with the ipad


Just used chrome browser and hollow square still there. my laptops new and mcafee antivrus keeps blocking me from hopscotch forum whe i used IE


I think that it should appear fine again when you go back on your iPad. And the emoji is perfectly acceptable as long as you're not using it inappropriately, so it's okay :smiley:


opera is 3rd most popular browser for pc's. when hopcotch games can be played on a pc what will happen when the emojis won't appear like they aren't now?


Can u reply now with 8 different emojis on the end of your message so i can test if this happens again?


I'm not sure what will happen to emojis if you try to play Hopscotch on an Opera browser once the web player is released for PCs. Maybe the web player will be able to display it or you'll just have to use a different browser if possible.

Here are a few different emojis. I'm on Safari on a Mac and these emojis seem okay to me.
:watch: :iphone: :computer: :smiley: :sunny: :telephone: :smile: :calling:

Those were typed from a Mac using the forum system of :emojis: and these are typed from an iPad using the Emoji keyboard:


your 4th 5th 7th emoijs appeared but just blue/white squares for the rest of the emojis on the opera browser.


I've re-edited my post and just now, I've noticed a difference between the emojis from the forum and the iPad keyboard emojis.


what difference was there between the mac emojis and the ipad?


i see the black/white emojis from the ipad


The emojis that are from the forum, which we can also type by clicking the emoji icon on the far right of the toolbar:

are larger in size than the emojis from the iPad keyboard:


both of those have a small blue/white square and an empty white rectangle next to them. the images didnt appear in the opera browser.


funny they appeared for about 20 secs then dissapeared and left white empty rectangle


These are iOS emojis so they are probably only compatible with certain browsers and systems. If they work okay on your iPad then that should be fine, since a lot of forum users are on their iPads so it's easier to access Hopscotch too.