Abusing Flagging Rights


Ok, so people have been flagging posts that
A.) don't need to be flagged
B.) don't "include" them
C.) have nothing in them that makes them flag worthy

A couple of minutes ago, a few hopscotchers decided to make an account that directs shout outs to many hopscotchers.
Sounds nice, right!

It got flagged.

People are misusing their flagging right, and it's unfair to people who have good topics and ideas,
Flagging this won't get you anywhere, because if this continues, I will email the Team about this


Exactly! We don't need to be flagging things just because one or two people don't agree with them.


Yes! That was me! I am so annoyed! If you want a shoutout, you get to be in! It I open to anyone and everyone! :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:
@t1_hopscotch Can you please re-open it? You don't have to but please!


Yeah we really need someone to reopen it... If not I guess we can make a new one...


Someone told me they flagged my post and someone's too because it had the word stupid in it. My posts didn't have the word stupid!


Yep! About to make a new one!


@Liza, this is totally unfair and unwarranted, what if people are being flagged and they aren't a regular yet, and they could never be one if people do this! I'm disappointed and shocked :confused:


@moderators can you open up some of the topics please?
And for anyone who is flagging, here is a simple way to not see us anymore..
1. Go to the bottom of the topic.
2. See the thingy that says "Normal", "Tracking", or "Watching"? Click it.
3. Choose muted.
4. Tada! You will never hear or see anything about this topic again.
You can also do this for tags and stuff..
Off-topic, or


I completely agree! A lot of people are trying to be regulars!


Can you guys link the topics you think should be open again?


Well, like the 2015 poll we were just trying to get some data, and it got flagged for off topic. Really??



I flagged it because it was getting out of control

Edit: not the ball drop one


@BuildASnowman this isn't fair! I've been flagged 3 TIMES this week for NO REASON


I get the poll one (I didn't get an alert from that)


And I agree - people are really abusing flagging. Some people flag pretty much everything they see. Here is the rule of thumb:

If it contributes to the conversation, don't flag it.

But remember, if a topic gets flagged, we see it and we can change it. So just hold tight if your topic gets closed for flags, and a moderator will deal with it (In fact that's why I'm online now!)


But I'm scared I will loose my right to become a regular, it takes only 5 flags to loose that, right? I'm in my third one because people don't take flagging seriously


I'm not sure about how many flags it takes, but don't worry about that. I'll lock your trust level for now so you can't lose regular, and you actually have only 1 flagged post. The rest of the flags were dismissed by mods.


Oh ok, thanks for clarifying :sweat_smile:
It just really made me nervous :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, five flags, BUT they all have to be CONFIRMED by a Leader, which is good