Abusing Emojis on Hopscotch!



Some people on Hopscotch are using emojis that are not appropriate for the game, can Hopscotch find a way to get rid of these games?


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Religious emojis in the wrong place, sometimes used as areas to attack or blow up.


Wow. I have not seen it. Nor am I looking for it. But that is really bad.

I have expressed my concerns for the potential misuse of the expanding set of "emojis" to @Liza and, I suppose, the HT, through email; though it has been a few weeks ago. I know that it would break her heart to see Hopscotch become a venue for such things. I think our only recourse is to report such projects, as soon as we see them. Please, let's do that.


Ok, I'll report them.


one emoji i really dont like is the hashtag emoji. just the word hashtag makes me go insane.


It's ok. Every one should play and code. Is that what you do in Hopscotch???:neutral_face:


I hate it when I see this :hankey: Amoji


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:cat::cat::cat::cat::cat:, d͞o͞ y͞o͞u͞ e͞v͞e͞r͞ w͞a͞n͞t͞ t͞o͞ t͞h͞i͞s͞ c͞a͞t͞ a͞g͞a͞i͞n͞,y͞o͞u͞r͞ c͞h͞o͞i͞c͞e͞ i͞s͞ o͞n͞ t͞h͞e͞ l͞i͞n͞e͞, ... :cat::cat::cat::cat::cat::dog::dog::dog::dog::mouse::mouse::mouse::mouse::hamster::hamster::hamster::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::rabbit::bear::bear::bear::panda_face::panda_face::panda_face::bear:, what about the cute ones???????? YOU, YOU emoji get ridder!!!!!!


I have yet to see any of these projects and I never want to. I think that emojis are good and bad. There are emojis like this​:grinning: then there is the middle finger emoji. I am a bit disappointed with apple for lets some of these emojis even exist.


Can someone (or something ...) provide a link to one


No I think that wood be a very Baaaddd Idea


It doesn't mean not to use emojis ever again, I'm just saying it that you should do research on emojis if you don't know what they are so you don't addendum any1


Hey, I agree with this. I mean, I don't see any especially BAD emojis but some emojis should only be used where they fit it. Get it? Emojis can seem offensive when used in the projects that they don't belong in. Just use discretion.


I meant offend instead of addendum


I have seen bad things with emojis, and trust me, I reported them. Some people simply don't understand because there are a lot of younger kids on hopscotch who intend no harm.


I was worried about one of the new emojis as well that was included – the rude gesture – but Hopscotch have banned it which means any projects with that emoji are automatically unpublished. Just let them know if there are other emojis that should be banned

Edit: yep like @BlackDawn said, I was worried about the middle finger emoji too but it's banned in Hopscotch already so we don't need to worry

@Work_kids_coding Hopscotch is completely fine with this emoji if it's being used for fun so it's okay :smile: See here for more http://blog.gethopscotch.com/post/120473188706/is-okay


:hash: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH NOOOO ITS A :hash: EMOJI sorry i hate hashtags so i try to imagine it as "games" and "movies"


Can't like so :heart: