About trying to become a leader


I've seen some recent comments about doing something (Flagging posts, reminding people to stay on topic, etc.) specifically because that person wants to earn leader.

This is great that so many people want to help! However, doing something specifically to get leader can sometimes not be the best thing. If you're changing your entire to simply earn a badge, don't!

As long as you're you, you're already a leader! You don't need to take specific actions to get the badge! Just be yourself and set a positive example! Doing actions specifically to get leader is a bit silly.

Of course, you can definitely try to get leader! Just try not to do things because you want the badge. Overall, it's just a badge, and you shouldn't change yourself just to try and get it. We're all already leaders! :D

(If any other leaders would like to add on or remove something, just edit this. :D)


But how did you become a leader? I don't want to be one though (Cause Imma lazy chakin)


Awesome topic @Gilbert189!! :D
I totally agree! I don't code just to get on featured, I think it's the same thing! :D

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Well, I tried to be helpful, but I tried not to change who I am just because I want the badge. :D


You're completely right, great connection! :D


Thanks! Great topic! :blush:


COOL Gilbert I Think So many People Are Wrapped Up In Becoming and Leader, I Know I Am, But Now I am Not, I Am Going To Be Myself, And I Know Myself As A Leader, So Say My Friends. I Like Helping People It Makes Me Feel Good Inside. :blush:


Gilbert Ur Rlly Cool :smiley:
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I totally agree!
Awesome topic!
If you think you could do better at something like being more helpful or positive work toward that but set personal goals too! You don't need the badge to be a leader! You are already one!


Le applause! A verily moving and thoughtful post! I commend thee!


This is different, as this is focusing on how everyone is trying to earn leader and to stay true to yourself, while that one is focused on how everyone is a leader.

And the way you said that was a bit rude... :confused:


Exactly! Well said.

Just be yourself!


I really like this connection!

Well said! :clap:

What I think is most important is that we don't lose anyone to forcing a change of attitudes to receive a badge because on the inside, they're still going to be the same person! Change should come naturally, whether good or bad!

And at heart, everyone is a leader in one way or another.


Thank you!!! :D

And well said!!! :D XD That's a very important thing to remember.


Agreed! Check out my topic about how everyone is a leader to see what I think!


I am trying to be leader it is hard at stages to be nice and I get demoted back to member but I think I can do it I just need to keep reminding my self!:blush:



Well said!


Very well said! :D As we want to be a leader, we just keep doing what we do! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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