About The “Wait” object glitch.


That was rude?
Awesome E was just giving you a tip but ok…


I apologize if that came off rude, but I was just trying to let you know about a group called the omtl that you can tag when creating a topic.

I tell you this because a lot of times people will flag your post if you do this on their topic (I did not because it looks like you just didn’t know that this could be considered spam)


sorry, now i feel rude. that was a big awkward, i apologise, and i will use that group you suggested! thank you.


Okayyyy… What is happening to My topic. I do not think this is related to The “Wait” Object Glitch.


There is a phrase for that, it’s called LGBOT, stands for Let’s get back on topic!

We apologize that your topic got a little sidetracked and maybe a leader can move these posts, but it’s not really a urgent and doesn’t cause much trouble. Many topics go through phases like this, don’t say your topic is ruined. :slight_smile:


i’m sorry about that, before i stop putting posts on this group, i wanted to tell you about an exploit i found, its on one of my topics!


Okay, this is solved. Legendary myth (and probably some others) solved this. (All blocks takes about 16,7 milliseconds to read, Which is why one of them is slower).