About the terrible art topics!


This isn't towards anyone!

Some people made topic to post there "terrible art" (has they call it!)

Can't these go in the drawing topic? When anybody makes a topic for there art, they get told to publish it in the drawing topic. So what about these "terrible art" topics?

Note: I'm not calling anyone's art terrible, they literally make a topic for there "terrible art" where they draw bad drawings.

Leaders, what do you think?

@Kiwicute2016 @PopTart0219 @Gilbert189 @ any other leaders of people


Well, I believe most of them are drawing user profile pics and backgrounds.


True. But some are just for terrible drawings. I guess it's ok if it's requests or user cards?


It would be very confusing and clog the forum if they were in the drawing topic - I think they are fine where they are, unless too many people start making them.


Hopefully mine can stay, but if it gets to be 2984390204849201+ of them then they'll get closed


If they were in the drawing topic, they would get scrambled.
I call for a drawing category!


Isn't Kiwicute2016 the only person the forum with a 'bad drawings topic'? I don't really think it was nessecary to make a topic complaining about it.


Actually, quite a few people made topics. Also, is there a nicer way to say that? I'm not complaining, just asking. :wink::upside_down:



I started doing purposefully bad drawings. We aren't criticizing anyone xD


I mean its not nessecary to complain about the topic, I know the drawings are supposed to be bad.


Well I don't think @bluedogmc-official knew that :wink:


Once again, I'm not complaining. I'm just asking about what should be in the drawing topic and not, so I know the rules about drawings!

Telling me complaining isn't necessary is kind of rude. I don't want to start a fight, but if you have nothing nice to say or you don't like this topic, please leave! You don't have to be here if you think I'm complaining. It's that simple. Thank you, and have a good night. :slight_smile:


Thanks for sticking up for me! Yes, I didn't know I was "complaining" I thought I was just asking a question! :no_mouth:


Me too :)

And your welcome! I always stick up for my friends :DD


Maybe they just tell you there bad for you to think, no, it's good! And they tricked you. Voila. C'est tout que j'aima dire.


But there's so many of them tho