About the Open Source Code & How Tos category

Share and find ready-to-use code, like backgrounds, controllers, character assets, drawing pads, you name it. Code made by Hopscotchers for Hopscotchers.

This category is for sharing code you have made with other Hopscotchers! You can also develop code with other people here to share as well. Share backgrounds, games, concepts, and more in this category! If you are doing a full on collaboration please post about it in the Collabs, Requests & Competitions category! If you are sharing a project you can use the @pomtl tag!

Running a Hopscotch Academy:

You can run coding schools in this category too.

Learning is awesome! Teach someone else by creating your own coding school and putting it here or join coding schools created by others.

Here’s an example of (non-Hopscotch) out-of-the-box code made by @rodrigo’s friend: GitHub - roberthein/BouncyLayout: Make. It. Bounce.