About the new update


I'm just saying, I'm not a big fan of this update. Yes, I know it just came out and there's bugs. But some things have just gotten really hard and confusing for me.

I already founds some things

  1. It won't let me rotate to horizontal. I don't like holding an iPad vertical. And if you can rotate, it won't work for me.

  2. The preview icon thingys

Now they are SUPER small. I can't even write a message and all of it will show up

I took this picture while the tab thingy was on the right side.


I did not get the update yet!
So I really don't know what is going on!


Yes, I noticed that about the preview icon. It's kind of annoying.


I think you should be able to switch to landscape mode! U should report this to THT just in case? Maybe?


You can zoom out and crop the preview icon thing so your drawing or project fits the screen.

(Or so I've heard, I haven't updated yet)


The good thing is that when you are playing your project or someone elses, you can rotate the screen to horizantal. But now I can't show anyone my drawings when I draw on hopscotch because of the small icon thingy problem. :cry:


Look at the post one post above yours. :smile:


I replied to you about this on the other New Update topic. You can pinch, pan and zoom on the preview picture before you name/publish it, and you can even get it to show the full screen again!


Oh, I was still typing when you posted that. Sorry...


Remember when the update came out where you could first code on the iPhone? And EVERYONE hated it? I think most of us got used to that update. We should all get used to this too!
I'll admit, I'm not a huge fan of it. BUT, I'll try by best to learn to use it.
Opinion on update:

  • - I love it! Best ever!
  • - I'll come around and get used to it
  • - Never! I really don't like it



People hated when you could code on iPhone?