About the "negativity wars"


So, recently, there's been some stuff going on in the forum that we are calling "negativity wars". These happens in a lot of topics, unfortunately.

So, what is a negativity war? Usually, it's when 2 or more people compliment each other, then begin to edit the other's post in quotes or tell them that they are incorrect. They could also simply right about who is better, each person saying the other is better. An example would be:

These types of "wars" aren't healthy for the community. If you are complimented, don't get into a war about how good you or the other person is, just accept the compliment happily! Saying something like "Thanks! (But your projects are so much better!)" is just asking for a negativity war.

In short, a negativity war is when two or more users fight over how good they are. To solve this, simply say thanks.


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Yup, I agree (although I have started a few negativity wars before D:)
Whatever your opinion of yourself is, just accept the compliment! If you say something like "thanks but I'm actually horrible at --- so you're wrong", it sounds like you didn't accept the compliment at all (at least to me XD)
Basically, just be thankful that someone else likes your stuff. You can have your opinion of your work, and they can have theirs. :D


I've also seen this in the nominations for leader topic (don't feel bad if you did this!)

If you don't think you're ready to be leader, just say "Thank you, but I'm not ready to be leader."


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The thing is: people don't feel like they deserve such compliments just because they don't think of themselves as impressive.

But I do agree that negativity wars are a bit too over the top...


I dislike any type of Internet war. Yeah, seriously. What's the point of the users arguing and fighting?



Very good choice of wording btw! You said "dislike", not "hate". That just proves what your saying! :DD
I dislike any type of war in the world!


Uhh... @gilbert189, we had a throwing cookies war, and we deflected cookies at eachother, does that count? XD

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Nope! We were just being happy and positive, we weren't putting ourselves down. :slight_smile:




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Great topic! I haven't seen these going on though.


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We humans like the satisfaction of winning and being right.


We like being right even I when I'm angry dislike being put out of my misery

I'm werid,