About the iPhone Alpha ;)


Hey everyone! This is mostly directed toward the Alpha Testers, but anyone can read it :tickets: I would also love everyone to read the final category, as it concerns everyone else :warning:

The iPhone version is in alpha stage! Certain people have got it, and are showing pictures of it. Here are some Guidlines for sharing photos and information about it.

Save for Others

We are all excited for it (except for Android users. Sorry), but if we share too much, then we will all know what it will look like, and it won't be an enjoyment to figure it out. When we were new to the iPad version, we had no idea what we were getting into, and then we figured it out, and got to know people as we figured it out. This experience should be the same before it comes out for others.

Long Essays

This hasn't happened yet, but we shouldn't give detailed information about it. If there are generic questions that a lot of people have, answer them without giving too much information away, and leave it at that. Again, we should all have the enjoyment of exploring it, not reading long paragraphs.

Sharing the News

People have been saying "Yo, I'm an alpha tester. I'm epic Yaaa". Okay, not those exact words. But to get the idea, it's a form of bragging. If we make a big deal about it, others will feel bad, and no one wants that! :cactus: If anyone asks if you are an alpha tested, just answer a simple "Yes" and ask not to make a big deal

Emailing THT

For everyone: Alpha Testers were chosen for a reason! It's an early stage (Alpha comes before Beta), and they chose the people for a reason. It would be best for the. If they don't get 50 emails of people wanting to become a tester. It is in Alpha, so it isn't too big :elephant: It would also be convenient for no or smal commotion in their emails, as if there are problems, they need to see those emails.

I hope everyone understands, I was feeling anxious about this, and again, please don't over share. If anyone has suggestions on what to add to this, please comment :e-mail:

When will hopscotch on iPhone be ready?
When will hopscotch on iPhone be ready?

Did I over Share? :frowning: I don't think I did... 4 pictures isn't a lot, and I left a lot of things out...


Poor, poor Android users (I found this really funny and I don't know why, sorry XD)


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Ok... I think he leaders shouldn't have showed the pictures in the first place... (Not trying to be mean)


More people than leaders have shown pictures. Although I have the iPhone beta app, I haven't took any pictures. (Besides screenshots showing bugs to THT)


Not all the leaders are beta testers, not all beta testers are leaders...


Yea I saw that :sweat_smile:
What level even gets to see it?


THT chooses. There isn't a specific "level" on the forum. For example, THT may email a person that doesn't have a forum account to alpha test


I got overexcited about this, I'll stop postin' about it XD


Oh ok :smile:.


Hey @Follow4LikesOfficial, do you know how many people are beta testing it?


Have no idea lol



I'm an alpha tester too! My name is SA Beta! Also, is anyone having a profile picture mishap?


My alpha account is OS_BETATest
Yes I know it's Alpha but I didn't know before :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I am AHC iPhone.



I got no iPhone... :iphone:

So that is why I need an Android version, or a Desktop version...


Baby steps, THT is already working very hard on the Apple version, Android will be the next big thing afterwards possibly, but as we already have an iPad version, an iPhone version would go hand in hand


Yes, they were :slight_smile: but let's not talk about that part or else it may make people feel bad