About The "I'm Making A Project For It" Excuse




And yes, we've all heard this excuse before. It's made to make non-Hopscotch related topics or posts on topic, and 75% of the time, the project isn't even made! Even so, it's off-relation, and even if you did make a project about it, how does it make the topic itself related to Hopscotch? :P

I say that this excuse should be not counted as a real excuse. Topics like these should be flagged as off-topic! :D

Couldn't you just make a project about it on Hopscotch and be done? People will see it anyway, and there's no use to cluttering the forum with off topic stuff anyway! Most of us have admitted to this as well: the forum is meant for Hopscotch help and collabs, not off topic things! It's meant to help people out with projects, not tell people that you're making a project about this and that! :D

Instead, maybe you could advertise your off-topic project on the forum! This is allowed, as your project is already made, and you don't make the excuse of "I'm making a project" and not finish it! It'll actually have coding involved, making it not off-topic! You'll also receive more likes and views, as again, attention comes to your project! :D

Do you agree with what I said here?

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Questions? Feedback? Agree? Disagree? Please don't hesitate to make posts with these included down in the posting area below! I also might edit or add sections, so if you're on this topic and you see a pencil that says that the topic is edited, look out for new sections! :D

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Getting braces on tmr 😁☹️
Ideas for my birthday project and my anniversary project
Yeah, I got a topic closed
Hot Dog Eating Contest! 10 Minute Contest! CHESTNUT!
I think I have ADHD

Ima victim XD. I agree though


:stuck_out_tongue:, have a like! :heart:


I agree , but sometimes it's just fun to have things like the copy and paste challenge.


Actually, I'm talking about the topics like: "Agh no, I'm going to the doctor's office for ___! Btw I'm making a project for this, so don't flag!" :slight_smile:

Have a like as well! :heart:


Oh yeah, I totally agree %100 with that. I mean things like "I'm going on vacation for the next 2 weeks, so I'm gonna be less active" is fine, but not things like "gonna be really inactive for the next hour"



But still,

we all that.


I was literally bout to make a project abt that...it's sooooo annoying I think you should tag the moderators and leaders so they can see your beautiful written paragraph @Rawrbear


Yeah I have to admit I've done that too but doesn't everyone?


Ok, so my opinion is sort of disagreeing.

I'm pretty sure most would agree if someone does finish their project, it shouldn't be a lazy project.

My potato is dying. Any tips to help potato? He's suffering from poato-itis. (I'll make a project for this.)

and then...

But by using this "excuse", you'd divert some or all you time for the project, sort of like a "price to pay" for this.

Plus I'm generally fine when the "excuse" is an actual excuse, as long the person doesn't overuse it, like every few weeks with a new event to make a project for. Only overusing it, then you would flag.

For example, a user called... Mr_Luis_IA_Ronald
has one week about their chakin passing...
Then next, "We've run out of asparagus."
Next, "My area's having a laik shortage becuz we all spam laiked."
And on his HS account, there's basically nothing.

Also, couldn't the advertisement include the background story to what the project is about? Some in-depth stuff? Maybe happen at the start so it's like a trailer? Or maybe be like a topic to follow the production of the project?

Wait, I just reealized... Are we sort of suggesting that making a project will put things on topic? I've seen a lot of off topic topics have a post with "Maybe make a project for it?" posts...


I think that a little fun is merritable sometimes. E.x the chappie topic, that was a whole lot of projects :D


I 100% agree with this!! I used to post things in those sorts of topics, but now, I realize that the stuff isn't made and it really just clutters the forum. :tada::balloon::heart::heart:


Many people do it, I don't think this topic is pointed. :3



I don't think he's targeting you! Actually, a lot of people do this (I'm guilty :raising_hand:🏼)


I totally agree for this. There is one topic (I'm not going to say witch topic, and I won't say, so please don't assume that this topic is this or that) and in this topic, IT IS COMPLETELY NOT related, but then it says they will make projects about it. No one ever did, they just keep talking unrelated. I did this once, with my lacrosse club, but I was actually working on a lacrosse project at the time.


I agree, but one message this topic may accidentally send is that's it's okay to go to random topics and say, "PLAY THIS GAME I MADE!" Or something X(D.....


Ima victim of this :stuck_out_tongue: But I agree!


I'm kinda a victim, if you count the German school… I'm trying to keep it related though :slight_smile:


I've done that before, please don't flag though. I actually thought I was going to make a project and then it got deleted

Sie sind so genial, bei sehr kühlen Hopscotch Projekte machen


Danke schön!! Mich? Genial? Coole (not kühl, that's more like cold) Projekte?