About the Hopscotch Academy category


Learning is awesome! Teach someone else by creating your own coding school and putting it here or join coding schools created by others.

In the subcategory “Open Source Code & How-Tos”, you can share code that is ready to use and tutorials with other Hopscotchers. Refer to the description here for more information.


Thanks for making this! This is going to be very helpful for new users . First


2nd post!
This seems cool


Just a question, what type of topics would we put in here? Like, just tutorials?


Probably. I think this was intended for people to come and ask questions about coding or look for answers


This sounds really cool!


Is open source code and how tos no longer for how tos?




Hi everyone! I understand that some people might find the description unclear, but in this category you can put all your newly created coding schools (we will significantly decrease the amount of times we merge and close those topics). You can also put tutorials in here.

About how this category will work alongside the #open-source-code category is something I can’t give an answer that I know is correct right now - but as this is a new category, @Ana, @Jazz and everyone else involved in this will work together to clarify any things that are unclear.


I just updated the category description. Also, as you can see, #HA:open-source-code (the open source code & how-tos category) is now a subcategory of the Hopscotch Academy category, but it´s purpose is still the same. The main category, “Hopscotch Academy”, is were you put your coding schools. But active schools, not just tutorials! Those go in the “Open Source Code & How-Tos” category!

Feel free to ask if anything is unclear.
@SarcasticTvHead and @SantaClaus, you were wondering about this.


Whoo new category yay!


Yep, Hopscotch Academy and the FAQ category are aimed towards new users.


This seems really cool!


this is a great category idea!! thanks!


Wow! Yeah I noticed that in only like a day a ton of coding schools started flowing in.


Thanks for making it!


Tysm admins! This will help a lot! :blush: