About the General Topics category


All GTs will go here and they’ll be capped at one per user. You can make a new one only when your old topic reaches the post limit.

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Oh, thank you so much for making a category! GTs were clogging Random Stuff.


Yes thank you, question is it open to all trust levels??? That is the only reason my GT wasn’t in Random Stuff.


I think it is, as there’s no lock on it on the home page.


Yes, it appears to be.


what if the old one gets deleted


Thank you so much for making the forum more organized, which I definitely think it would be after this change. I will make sure to move all my GT:s to this category, if I´m can.


Thanks! This does mean gts are for everyone now, right?


Oh wow! We really needed this, thanks!


i dont understand what you’re saying?


Ana made a category for GTs and all GTs should go there. You can only have one GT and cannot make a new one till it reaches the max number of posts.


So it’s a category… Ok.


Aren’t you @Mr.rex, @Fris k?


Most brilliant idea I’ve heard in a long time.


Thank you for making this category! I think it will help!


@Ana what is the Gt limit of posts?


It’s 10,000. A mod can unlock it after 10,000 though, however it unknown how far you can actually go after that


10,000. It’s automatically locked after being unlocked.


10,000. It get’s automatically blocked when your topic reaches this number.


So after that, it is allowed to make a new General Topic, and with your second can you put it in the gt topic?