About the Filter




I'm here to talk about the Hopscotch Filter.

Does your project look like this?

It's been three hours, and Nine Draw hasn't been liked or played! This means that the project is stuck in the filter, which means that it detected a bad word that's not allowed for Hopscotch!

To get it out of the filter, unpublish it, take out the bad word and republish it! Hopefully, it will work! If it doesn't, then I don't know... :yum:

So, you may be thinking: Seriously?! This is bad, because my project doesn't have anything bad in it! Well, if we didn't have the filter, there would be bad words everywhere!

Just wanted to keep people aware of this! :wink:


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I don't get it at all


I've tried that, but it doesn't work. My projects have been stuck in the filter for weeks. One way to get the. Out is to ask a member of the hopscotch team to push it out


That's happened to me before. I suggest deleting them reinstalling the app or restarting the iPad.


Wow, I just republished and it worked! :sweat_smile:

@SUPERSWAGGY, @Kiwicute2016


Great for you (:four_leaf_clover: Lucky)!


It took two republished for it to work, actually! Here's a like! :heart: