About the dank meme language (unspelled right English talk)


Hi guys! So if you guys noticed we have some people that dont use English and they spell every single word wrong! I understand that it is for fun however some reasons are down below:

1. sometimes you can't understand

2. some people may just need to answer quick but it takes a while to figure out

3. it's a bit annoying​:grin::grin::grin:

so yea so here's what I want to do...

if you don't want to be talked to or answered

to with this weird language then edit this list below

so people that use this language if their name is on the list then try to use regular English towards them​:wink:

Thanks so much!



We try to keep these in only a couple topics, so just ignore/mute the topics. :slight_smile:

I'm not sure if a list is necessary. :grimacing:

taht was using silly hooman grammar. :00


Yes. I totally agree with you @SimplySouthernGurl.

This talking can get a little annoying at times and hard to understand, but I don't think a list is needed for this.


That's A Little Rude And A Little Offensive To People Who Talk In A Different Way, Like @Tem, She Is From A Diffrent Country And So She See's Some Words In A Diffrent Way So Could You Change The Top Post Please? :slight_smile:


I think it's gonna be hard to get people to use normal English XD

Anyways, I understand it can get annoying, but it's just how the forum goes.

That's like asking YouTube to stop making funny copy-and-paste comments :stuck_out_tongue:


I cen use norml engleesh! :D

I'll try to use less dank meme on random topics and use it on my own topics.
I will try to use it only once or twice on random topics.

It seemed to annoy people on my general topic.
Maybe mute buttons on topics/users aren't that popular. XD


I never said the people that can't help I said the people who do if for fun there is a difference @BlueStarGirl


I can read those types of posts just fine



good for you but a lot of us cant


I don't really get the whole weird English thing.


This list may make people who speak like that feel upset. I know it can be annoying, but we just have to help each other understand and try our best. Good topic tho!


Lol @Qusid I thought you were @Gilbert189


I was just saying please say if I you would RATHER not being spoke to that way IF it's possible
I never insulted the language or anything


Wut I didn't even say anything about the language


I know I was just telling everyone that posted on its topic​:wink:


Good Guess.


et ish veri fiun to dou ;-;

whey cen i not dou dis tou ui?

Sorry XD


It is very fun to do
Why can I not do this to you



I understand that a lot of people would be annoyed about this, but some enjoy it.

I will try not to talk like the craziness I do most of the time in front of people, because this shouldn't be forced in. I think that people should still be allowed to talk laik dis because they enjoy it, and having fun=fun. (I think so)


I never said they can't I just said I would not like to be talked to that way