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This topic is similar to the the 20 character rule - why topic, except i will be talking about categories. So think: when you have an idea for a topic, see if it actually fits into one of these categories:

  • Help with Code
  • Collabs
  • Bugs

If it doesn't fit, think about if your topic is really necessary. Contests, announcement boards, and only a few other things are topics that may be necessary, and don't fit into one of the categories. THT put categories for a reason: the forum was mainly made for if you had a question about code. These are topics that i think are not necessary:

  • leaving/vacation topics
  • duplicate topics
  • in my opinion chain games
  • and topics saying that you are a turtle or potato
    ...and much more.

What to do if you want people to know you are on vaca or have left HS:

  • make a project on HS saying why you are leaving and for how long
  • on your bio on the forum, at the top, edit in that you are gone/on vaca
  • write it in all of your active topics
    ...and anything else that you can think of - but a topic is not necessary because it just clogs the forum because everyone goes on vaca - its not the end of the world

    Do you agree with what I have said?
  • Yes!!!
  • No, I like making topics about potatoes!!!!!


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<smol. Very smol.>

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First like, reply, and vote! Great topic, I highly agree!


I agree 100% with what you said


I wish there was a idk option



me is so bored


I like making topics about potatoes (Jk lol), but I agree with this topic. XD

@happyfacegirl great topic!
You are an amazing writer! :)


New category soon though.…


which one?


Liza said she'd make an Assets one for subscribers to share photos to use and stuff


Great topic! :smiley: I agree. It's easier to navigate the forum and look for help when everything is in the right category.


Everyone puts everything in "Help with Code," though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Great points! Love this topic! :grinning:


I would prefer a category called "Other" or "Random".


This is kind of off topic, but I noticed that you used different font sizes. I recently started using the forum again and I forget how, so I was wondering if you could tell me how to use different sizes? :smiley: Thanks!



big! one hashtag!

kinda big! two hashtags!

bold! three hashtags!

kinda small! four hashtags!

not that small! five hashtags!
really small! six hashtags!


Thanks so much! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
This is really helpful!


I agree but potatoes are cool. POTATOOOOO!!!!


Thank you so much @pingu!(≧∇≦)


@AHappyCoder and @ThePickle

Well if there was an other or idk category, it may make people think that they can make topics about whatever they want, and not relate it to HS.


That is the problem; everybody makes topics about completely random things, then puts it in the Help With Code category.