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Report problems with the Hopscotch iPad and iPhone apps. Make sure to include the version of Hopscotch you’re using, as well as your device type (iPad, iPhone) and iOS version.


I think Liza is gonna edit it later, this is just the template Discourse gives you when you make a new category.


@Liza, wat is dat emulator.....
Plz respond @Liza....
I need it for me to make games and play games.


I gave Liza nice topic again!


@Phase_Admin, that's funny that you thought it was an emulator. Nobody has built (as far as I know!) an emulator for Hopscotch in the way NDS games might.

The screenshot is actually from the simulator on Xcode, which is the software application we use to develop Hopscotch. You also need to work here, have access to our codebase (which is always changing!) and do a bunch of other setup, to get the Hopscotch app running on Xcode. The simulator version is more limited and doesn't feel as good as a real touchscreen device, but it's a quicker way for us to try out changes to our code than building on a device.


That's an awesome and helpful template :thumbsup:




Thank you! That is good for you guys, I want XCode but costs money, right?


It's free, but you need a Mac computer to install it from the Mac App Store :slight_smile:


Thank you @Nina. I can't download it because I don't have the latest software and that my mom won't allow me to.

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There's a bug that keeps happening on my Hopscotch. Every time I start Hopscotch, it takes me to the sign in screen. Then, when I sign in, the screen turns back and it takes me to the home screen.

Bug! Happens every time I work on RainART.

  1. I open my project
  2. Edit some code
  3. Press play
  4. Go back to work on code again
  5. Repeat 2-4 once or twice
  6. Some parts don't appear in the correct layer, even if the code says so, but I dunno if this happens on my worse iPad because (see below)

(No screenshots since im on my worse iPad that crashes constantly on RainART)

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Wait this is still open? Lol


Huh, they do normally close these topics…

Yes they usually do.

I don’t seem to be able to get to any other channel, except for the featured. Are channels now a premium feature? Am I using the wrong version?![image|666x500]

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Welcome to the forum!
I don’t think channels are a premium feature…
Do you have a strong internet/WiFi connection?

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Oh, sorry, I have figured out how to fix it. If you have a bad WiFi connection, but it gets better, the channels still won’t pop back up. A hard restart will do the trick though, as I figured out. Thanks anyway!