About "Spam Liking"!


So, recently, there have been some awesome new badges that have to do with liking! Some involve running out of likes! Once our enemy, we now must cooperate with it to earn new badges!

If you see you have a bunch of notifications, just look at them! Typically, it'll be a couple people "spam liking" you. This means that they like a bunch of posts of yours, in a short period of time! Typically, people do this to try to run out of likes and get new badges!

What do I do if I'm spam liked?

Not much, really! Just go with it and thank the people who did it!

I don't want to be spam liked.

I would simply just politely tell the person who is spam liking to stop!

I want badges! How do I spam like?

It's fairly simple! Just go to a big topic (I reccomend the drawing topic!) and start liking! If you want to spam like one person, tap on their profile, and find the button that says "Posts in topic"! Tap that, and you'll see all of their posts!

I hope this was helpful! If you have any questions, just ask!


I wonder if you click the like over and over does it work... Hmm... @Gilbert189, you wanna use this post here as a tester?



I'm not a good tester, I already ran out of likes... :sweat_smile::joy:


:stuck_out_tongue: I'll go ahead and try anyways with some random blank post. (and my test account.)


YAS, IT WORKS!!!! (kind of...)


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Nope! You just have to wait for the forum to update! If you're in Eastern time, it should be when you're sleeping, I believe!


I think you have to wait a day before you get the badge, idk, I may be wrong :P


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I'm never going to get that badge with increased like count xD


My story:

1) @Kiwicute2016 likes a ton of posts as everyone runs out
2) I like all her posts in the drawing topic and run out
4) @Anonymous joins in because why not
5) Laggy-ness
6) 325 notifications

That was fun XD


@Kiwicute2016 is spam liking me on the drawing topic.
Over 150 notifications.


She's liked about 2k posts TODAY. Not even kidding XD


Basically, you get a 1 minute penalty if you try spam "like-and-unliking"

No badge, though... I'll have to find 200 or so random posts to like before skipping out of likes.


We already got people kind of spam liking, but we don't really spam like people we are just supportive and like a lot sometimes we get the limited likes pop-up


@Kiwicute2016 pls don't spam me pls
Also, can you un suspend my other acc? It's blocked for some reason :T


@Kiwicute2016 @Anonymous That whole thing happened in 45 minutes O_o


Lol well you're at 11k likes (shrug emoji here)


We got 20 already in just like 2 hours


No. @PopTart0219, NOOOOO!!!!! :laughing:
She's spam liking me on the OceanWonder collab! PT, while you're there, try to bring it back to life please!