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How do you send messages, because I want to send some to some people really badly.

How do you send messages to other hopscotchers?

@Phase_Studios Hello! Here's how to send messages:

  • Tap on a topic.
  • Under the main text, you'll see a reply button.
  • Tap on that button and send your message!

If you want to know what those buttons mean, I can tell you too.


I meant private messages


Actually, you can't.


why? :sunglasses: @Yummy__Muffin you are a Cool Guy1


Because the feature isn't available. Also, my name is Yummy Muffin in Hopscotch.


I know that, you are really good at Hopscotch! :smile:


@Phase_Studios Thank you! :blush:


Yummy_Muffin's Post

      Your welcome for the compliment.

Help: how to DM or PM


@Yummy__Muffin is right—you can't send private messages to other people in the forum. The purpose of the forum is to make it easier to get and give help in Hopscotch, so we want to make sure that all the good stuff Hopscotchers post here is available to everyone :slightly_smiling:

You can send a private message to me or other members of the Hopscotch team.

"Private Topics"
Petition for PMs
How do you send messages to other hopscotchers?
How do you send a messange
I was unfairly suspended for something that I didn't know was prohibited

What? What's the point for a forum that you can't find out anything...
It used to work at the first time I went on here!
For example I can't send stuff i need help! And I can't get help!


Can @moderators send private messages to people?


Emails, I guess.


probs @SmileyAlyssa 2020202020


Reviving this topic...