About ruby wolf she is gone


This is a funrel for @RubyWolf1 she left us she quit hopscocth...

Type below how you feel, and to make it better @PopTart0219 please bring out the store!

You will be missed.




Can everyone doppelgänger her in her honor?


Hello, I am a doppelgänger.


The Hopscotch Church.

Edit Down Below To Say Prayers

She Might Come Back One Time To Have A Visit! - P101

She may come back! -HFB

Lets hope she comes back to see us ~OUAT

This is funny, but I don't think she ever left. – tankt2016
She really didn't leave. She is actually going to be on less because her favorite Hopscotchers convinced her to stay. And I just spam-liked her down to her projects 15 weeks ago, so she should stay now, that's a comment I gave her: "Please stay, you're one of my favorite Hopscotchers! Plus SmileyAlyssa would be devastated to lose one of her coding partners! – tankt2016

She had a lot of great projects. Hope we will see you again! - kenlauescuadro

I hope she comes back! Reads what @tankt2016 wrote and facepalms -ConnellCoder

Oh my goodness! I feel so bad! I just had a conversation with her about being famous or not, and we were having a very friendly conversation. I feel so bad now! She is also on the top of my list for the most likes! :( At least she probably left for a good reason, or because she works on school iPad and they're taking it away, or something similar. @RubyWolf1 will be missed a lot, and I will miss her too. I hope she lives life at its fullest! -Maltese

I hope she comes back! She is a great part of this community! :frowning:


Hey buddy!

I wish @rubywolf1 could see this!


I know, it would be amazing. @RubyWolf1 was an amazing Hopscotcher.


Noooooo come back :,(


Hey... Good Idea! Let's Change Our Profile Pics To @rubywolf1's Profile Pic To Represent Her!


I am a doppelgänger too!
Hopefully she comes back...
She was an awesome hopscotcher.


Oh my gosh so many doppelgängers!


Well, Only 3 So Far! Well Get More!


5 really


Look at this topic on the latest topics!
The people is all the same image! It looks weird.


Our army of pusheen!


I know I saw that it's creepy!


The pusheen army to remember RubyWolf!


Okay, I will!



Yay I got another one!