About Remixing; The Hopscotcher's Pet Peeve



Geez. It is just a waste of space. It wastes newest. That’s what theose guys above me are trying to say. Get it Nowa?


This is the top thing THT should be fixing…

@Liza @Rodrigo Are you thinking about this…


Scrolling newist on anything is not rely fun cause alot of times its just bad… postes

i cant use the actual term on this forum


We should all make the best game we can and release it all at the same time so it floods newest. So, for 30 seconds people can look at cool new games instead of Remixes and RPs (what does RP stand for anyway?)


Roll play


That makes a lot more sense.


This is really well-written!

I have noticed this around the community as well, and you are right: it isn’t fair. Something needs to be done about this ASAP!


Well nothing is going to change 95% of the people on HS from not coding and just remixing


Not accurate.

Prove it. People do code but don’t put effort.



I think you’re the only one who puts effort really


Thanks, but You do too. ‘Fight’ has a lot of effort. There are a few good projects out there, but I don’t know why people like to remix my projects and mess it up to make it look bad :woman_shrugging:


If I were putting

Into my games they’d be so much better


They are awesome.


Alot of my projects are testig stuff and don’t have mutch work put into them


Tests are ok. They show that you’re trying. Random stuff is not ok, if you put no heart into it.