About Remixing; The Hopscotcher's Pet Peeve



I wonder if Hopscotch is kind of changing. I’m not going to say anything against anything, but … well, in my opinion there are remixes going on that probably shouldn’t be. No doubt it’s kind of annoying when you make a really cool game and someone remixes it for no reason; they aren’t even showing off a high score, they just remix the game in the middle of it and show a display of really nothing (and people like it)?!

See, lots of people use Hopscotch to draw, and that’s completely okay by my standards when they remix with their artpieces because they are showing people their art expression. I do it too! And also, some users do RPs and stories, which is awesome because they’re igniting imagination and creativity. And again, some use it to display high scores on hard games! But some remixes don’t add anything to the community or the project, they … well, they make no sense; see, the person pauses the game in the middle and remixes it and the display picture doesn’t show really anything; the title is just “_____ Remix”. Blah blah blah.

Another somewhat annoying thing is when people remix your project (again, it might be a useless remix) and they get more likes than you got on your original project! I mean, that’s not really fair, as you are the one who came up with the code, plus all the hard work involved etc.

And lastly, I don’t know how this happens, but some people can take off the remix tag when they remix projects. See, I made one of those trail art background projects, and someone - no names accused specifically - remixed the project. When they remixed it, the display just showed the background I made - there was no remix tag - plus, their remix of my background got something around 19 likes while my original got about 4.

Thanks, and to y’all remixers out there, just I suggest to be a bit more careful and mindful with remixing, since I know I - and many others too - don’t like useless remixes. Something to keep in mind; check before post.

-from @ExistenceExistsToday


This makes me really mad! I make a project, someone remixes it and it gets waay more likes than the actual game! It really ticks me off!


It’s worse when your project took a very long time to create and has a bunch of difficult mathematics in it (e.g. Several truckloads of sine, cosine, tangent).


Yeah, and sometimes they change some code and make it all weird.
Once I made a quiz and the people changed some code and didn’t even give credit!


i know how to take the tag off, it involves lots of steps that i wont go into for obvious reasons


See, that’s another thing. When people copy your code in their projects and they don’t give you credit??! I understand there’s no way to directly use the copy-paste buttons to copy and paste code into other projects (even if they’re your own). But, I don’t know, maybe people can take a screenshot of your code and then input it into their own code … that’s maybe worse than remixing it with their own funky additions. :pensive:


Yeah. They literally did that
I made the foodie quiz and then people copied my code and made the emoji quiz or the animal quiz


Literally most of my remixes.


Then again, you have to consider whos behind the accounts.

Many Hops are very young so probably only play games and dont really know how all the stuff works, perhaps because they dont care too much - many give up on the whole idea of coding. And frankly, kids could just be pressing buttons which lead to these “useless remixes” that so many of us experience.


Yes, I know. It is very frustrating. And you have a point; people could just be randomly clicking around, which they shouldn’t be doing by the way …


Also a lot of peoples remixes that just have a blank picture on the cover of it usually happen because they don’t know how to zoom out and adjust the image. I see it constantly on remixes of my projects and it makes me mad that I can’t see what they’ve created or done without clicking on it.


I don’t get the point of this topic…sorry


It is actually a bug that affects a lot of Hopscotchers. I have Remixes that don’t show the tag, and I didn’t do anything.


How is this annoying?


Well, you don’t know why they just remixed all of a sudden … and it kinda clogs up the “Newest” division.

Missing remix symbol

Especially if its like a drawing and you cant see it anyway


Or your own Activity or Remixes tab too


I still don’t get it. How would that annoy you?


Because they are getting more likes than us



Still don’t get it but ok