About religion! This topic may not sound good but it's important!


Okay so as you see religion (Not pointing names) has been out of hand
I feal like soon hopscotch will be split up and the point of hopscotch is to work together
That's why @team and @liza made hopscotch!

So if there is something about religion in your bio

I recommend to change it to not get criticized!

Try not to say anything about your religion!

So one religion has got really out of hand let's not talk about that one as well!

Hope this helps!


I've been waiting for a topic like this! And before anybody mentions LGBT, it isn't a religion! I think this topic is something that everybody should give a nice, long thought to this topic. Now we wait for somebody to mention religion, and then the forum shall explode...


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I think if people are discussing a project about it,it should be fine!


Okay but well yeah I don't know all I know is someone needs to put a stop to this...


True dat

11/10 critical hit boi


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No I want everyone to see this!



You can change it back


You're invited to my sarcastic tea party. I'm coding the invitation now.


Sorry off-topic but I really likens you try to teach people what LGBT is!


Thanks. Most of the time I enjoy it too.


Don't flag good posts tho, there is not a reason to flag good posts


Sorry I disagree! I'm a Christian, and I can share my beliefs.


@codingCupcake123 You're allowed to have your beliefs. You're allowed to say, "Hey, I'm Christian. That's really offensive." but you shouldn't say, "God is against that" or use the bible to prove things. Religion is an incredibly touchy subject. Many people use their religion as an excuse to hate, discriminate, segregate, and sometimes even k.ill others. So that's why religion isn't something to talk about on Hopscotch.

We should be free to talk about our religion!

In America, we have the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion. We're allowed to say what we want about any subject of religion, so please stop picking on @codingCupcake123. She's probably younger than you! :confused:


Freedom of speech means that the government can't arrest you for what you say. It doesn't mean that you can invalidate others and tell people what you're saying is right just because of what you believe in. I'm sorry if I was picking on her. I was just saying what you should and shouldn't do.


I had to fix the title... It was bugging me how you spelled important inportant! I have a bad feeling about this topic though.....


Stop arguing everybody! Everything is FINE! I hate how religion is tearing Hopscotch apart and it is making me seriously consider quitting the forum. I honestly think that we should all consider each others opinions.


Everyone stop arguing. we have our own religions and that is fine. what isn't fine is that people are fighting because of this. people can be who they want to be, and you can't change that. We are all human. sometimes it's best to keep to yourself and just accept the fact that everyone is different. We are being torn apart and that isn't good. whatever our religion is, we have to respect others' religions too.