About Party's! How many?



So we all have fun at partys but there can't be to many so I am trying not to go to of topic next time! (I got crazy like a rhino!) so I think we should have a couple here are some ones

New Years

Super bowl(that was fun!)


The day when the president gets elected


And Christmas!

@staff is this okay?


Umm... Idk about that... Maybe like a 1 hr party... But somehow it has to be HS related, so every time there is a party, something should happen on hopscotch. (Maybe the 2016NewYears account? @LazyLizard @OrangeScent1)


Yeah I think we should have something hopscotch related!(why not the about trump getting elected you love him!)


Yeah, sure!
Maybe we could help host the party's!


Yeah we need people to guide people!




Well do you like Donald Trump it is that just silly?


I don't know about the day when the president is elected, not everyone here lives in America


Yeah true did not think of that!


Lol I totally failed.... :wink:
I'm just laying around and eating really good food, my grandma says I'm bony.


Please back on topic!


Ok sry, this talk about parties makes me a bit crazy!


I also don't know about Christmas and Easter, those are both religious holidays... :confused:


Well although that some people can not join and a lot of partys are religious!


Only problem with that is people aware gonna get heated at one another, and then it all escalates!


Yep, people might start saying bad things about the other candidates, believe me, it happened on another topic :sweat_smile:


cough cough

Donald Trump

Maybe we could do March Madness!


Steph Curry with the shot
Idk, it's longer than one day, probs not


Lol YASS Steph Curry all da way!


It's not just Donald Trump, even tho I really hope he doesn't get elected president. But I don't think we should have a party for who gets elected pres