About Objective C, HS's programming language!




@Liza, @Ian, @awesomeonion or anyone else in the HT - Can you please tell me what Objective C is? I kind of want to know its advantages and disadvantages, and why you used this for Hopscotch. It seems pretty cool, as HS was made with it!! So: can someone tell me more? I am an extremely curious person! :sweat_smile:


Objective-C codes most Apple products.
Objective-C actually is the code for iOS and OS X.


It's similar to C, I think.


Oh, so it's C for i devices?

This is a repost, it was too similar to what I posted.


anvantages: you can program stuffs for i devices! and they run fast!
disadvantages: the kids I know coding in 3D and making android apps can't even get the slightest grasp on objective c, then I tried it... it's like telling a dog to start doing calculus, it ain't gonna happen... it's waaaaaaay to difficult


Which post is a repost?


I knew you'd ask that.. :sweat_smile: Just, you know what, it's hard to explain, I'll tell you later. :wink:


Well, it's 11:21 at night, Central time zone.


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Just saying that as a guess as to why you won't explain now


OMG You have bee making games with hopscotch and you don't know everything about how it's made, I always check EVERYTHING!
Objective-c is a language for i devices like IPhone or IPad! It's good but WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY to complicated for kids! If you wan't more deatails I can give you LOTS more, just reply!


insert details here

lol this isn't a detail, me wants details, and this is a
[detail=] script


So glad you're curious! I tried learning Objective-C but the syntax (things like semicolons and other grammar symbols) can be a bit much. I went with Swift instead, which is Apple's new language. A disadvantage is that programs you make with both are limited to Apple devices.


or now Windows, as Windows released a translatior for obj.c for Windows phones (and PC I think but the phones for sure) and I think I read the article wrong, but it said through github, but... I use github now...wait...

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I looked it up, I just want to learn more. :wink:


@ColeDJ said here that Microsoft released some tools which helps iOS apps run on Windows.

Is this true, and would Hopscotch be able to function properly if we tried it on Windows? :smile: