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SO! Some people have odd usernames, and I think it would be interesting to have few people explain why they have the user they have! For example, for mine, I have an adorable pet linnie (look it up or look at my user card) named Calypso, and he's well, turquoise. He spends his days sitting in my hair or on my shoulder.
No personal info please! This is just for fun :smiley:



nice topic


SBYP, I have a topic on that a,ready.


Oh sorry! Oh well :I


Nice topic :smile:
I chose my user name because I'm artistic,(maybe)and I love cats!
Maybe my username isn't odd but oh well...


Doesn't matter! Thanks for posting :grinning:


No problem :wink:
(I use this emoji :wink: a lot!)



I can introduce myself without even replying. People just look at my user and be like "oh, her name's Meredith"


@PercyJackson9... you're back?!?!?!?!!


Yeah. I'm back. I will stay on for a while, I hope


Yay, welcome back! See you around :wink:


"Sensei" means "master/teacher" in Japanese, and also a term in karate. I love coding! And I also love the :heart_eyes_cat: emoji.

Which equals SenseiCoder​:heart_eyes_cat:.

(I guess it could also mean "Master of Coding" XD)


IKeudin is Coding spelt phonetically with my initial at the beginning!


I am a amateur graphic designer, and I specialize in pixel art! (Advertisement: You can buy one on my website, but I won't give you guys the link. Not allowed. ;-; ) And I like neon colors... hence, NeoPixel... (Yes, I do make money from art... and YouTube. YAHAHAHAYAHAYAHAHAYAAY)


I chose SmilingMoons.

because I felt like it :3

I'm also obsessed with Smiles.

You could guess that :)


That's a really creative name! I like that :blush:


XD I think that is the funniest so far


I wouldn't think of that. Great idea!


ExquisiteSoup is just a name that was given randomly by a site :/