About my (Candyfloss's) recent inactivity



So you may of been thinking recently "Where's CandyflossClouds gone?"
Some of you may of not noticed I'm kinda inactive...
The thing is...Im slowly drifting away from the forum...
This is why...
• Undertale- Well...Lets just say I'm Obbsessed. Like, literally. Ever since I started playing it I've never really been on that much...(Btw if your wondering I'm in Waterfall)
•School- Well...Im just getting more and more homework. Also I'm having friendship issues irl :/
•Personal stuff.
•My age- I'm almost 12 now. And HS is for 7-12 year olds. I'm finding more apps and other stuff to be doing.
•Becoming more social.

What I want to say is this...
My 1 year forum anniversary is on the 30th of March. I'm staying until then.
Then I'll Probaly get more
And more
And more
And more inactive.
Then...I'll be gone...

This topic was just an announcement saying why I was inactive and stuff...
—A random MTT fangirl (aka CC​:ribbon:)

Sorry about the tag :P

Edit- not like anyone's going to care anyway...




I don't really know you but I've seen you on the forum before. :0 I always loved your drawings :0

I'll miss you if you leave ;-;


I'm not leaving yet...I'm just going to be more inactive
Then I'll leave


Yeah, I know ;-;

But once you do leave I'll miss you ;-;


I have no idea what Undertake is, I'm almost 4, and what does "social" mean?

Anyway, have fun, bye! (You probably donut know me.)


You will be missed, fellow obsessed Undertale fan.


You can never be too old for Hopscotch!!

Anyways, we'll miss you frendo!! ;0; ;-;


I'm gonna miss you so much!
You're a great friend to talk to
But you do what you want :,)


Precisely what I've been wondering.


You guys are getting the wrong idea! I'm not leaving now...I'm just going to be more inactive...until I Never come on again (And that will be in a while)


I will miss you, but I understand that you just will be less active. But, when you are completely gone, I will miss you. I will miss you a lot.


Hs has no age limit

I get extremely mad when someone says this. Waff is turning 15.


I honestly feel the same way

because it's awkward that I am so much younger and then this happens

I will gladly hand over my age if it means I can comment on youtube

But nobody cares about the younger people here so

also once there was someone famous on hopscotch who's over 20 years old, literally


TheRealFunky63, i think



Im nineee

nine lol


@DrCrazyChicken is 15. And she still uses it too :D


And I am 10. I ended up being who I am when...



Crazy even joined being so old.


Yes, and she loves it even tho she is old compared to everyone else who uses it :o