About me Maxium 3000 words!?



I was doing and updating my About me page in my profile and I came across somthing that said Maxium 3000 words! Ik think you guys say that 3000 words is a full essay but for me only a pharagraph! Please can we make it more like 10000 words? Because I seriously need more space but I don't want to change things in my about me! I think you might say that 3000 words is more than enough but please because I really want to add more information! I am sorry if I bothered anyone but I know it doesn't matter to all of you but it matters a lot to me!! I hope you can consider this and think it over sorry for the inconvenience!
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Only admins like Liza can change it!









(blahhh it says body is invalid)


Wow! You wrote a lot about yourself! Like @Kiwicute2016 said, only admins can change min, max. You can try to simplify your writing a bit, maybe that'll help! :3


I tagged Liza.



Is it a project? If it is, what you could do is have that, and then make another thing that is the same length! And give it the same, (or close to the same) rules! Hope this helped:blush: