About me BestProjects


Hi everyone! Anyone know BestProjects from hopscotch? That's me! I am not telling you my real account but I have one :open_mouth: If anyone wants me to republish there project that didn't get noticed fell free to ask! I kind of made this account for the same reson @Follow4LikesOfficial did!


Wait, what are you named on hopscotch?


I'm named BestProjects on hopscotch


Wait, name ALL your account's I'd appreciate it!


I'm sorry I don't know what you mean @Stampys_fans


Why don't you..
a. Go to a tab (#games, #art, etc..)
b. Find a project that you like
c. Rehop it!

I think people would like this better, because then they will actually know that you really like their projects. If you just republish a project because they ask you to, it really doesn't do much to boost their self-esteem.

These are just my opinions! :wink:


I want you to write all of your hopscotch account's, from the start, to the end


I do that to! But when people ask me to republish a project I take time to look at it. Republish it to show everyone how awesome it is. And maybe it will help get the Amazing project some likes


I'm not telling :hushed::hushed::hushed: it's a seceret!


So my spectacular treachery and elite trickery failed, well done!


You spotted me trying to figure out your normal user..........