About LGBTQ Topics



Hello there! Recently, there have been many topics by @LGBT.Coder. It's awesome, and talks about diversity. I completely agree to what @LGBT.Coder is saying, and it should be spread.


I know it is against some religions, and that's totally fine. If you do not like a topic that is talking about this, you may mute it. But it doesn't mean you need to tell everyone, like some people who are doing it. If you do not like it, simply press "mute" and you're done. Or you could just not press the topic.

So yeah.


Sums it up pretty much. Couple other things:
1. I'm fine with anyone's religion. I don't really care whether you're Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Atheist, Hindu, or anything, as long as you don't use your religion to spear others.
2. If you're homophobic, I'm not going to be very nice. Just a warning.


Yeah, I agree @Anonymous. Just mute the topic of you don't like it! Or mute users if you dislike what they are saying! It's that simple!


Exactly my thoughts. We shouldn't have to tag our topics so that others can mute it easily either.


I agree with @Anonymous.


So, if you're homophobic (whatever that is) don't say it.


Homophobic= Hating anyone who is Homosexual or bisexual because fhey are Homosexual or bisexual.


Actually, homophobia is a fear/hatred of anyone who isn't heterosexual (straight). Transphobia is a fear/hate of anyone who isn't cisgender. @tankt2016


Okay, I'm just going to drop out of this conversation, don't understand any of this…