About Hopscotch Competitions

Why does the competition category have a small amount of posts? I feel like it could have the most opportunities and it would make Hopscotch more fun. It would be cool if there were like a competition where people could join and make a project based on a certain prompt and judges would rate the projects based on a specifically made criteria.

I’m glad that we have many Hopscotchers that regularly create and maintain competitions but I am very bad at drawing and lots of project creation competitions have been discontinued.

If anyone could make a fun competition that I could participate in I would be very grateful :blush:


Hey there!

I totally see what you mean. Lately, this forum has been lacking coding comps, but comps like those you describe have been done before. Have a handful of links!

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FTM’s Second Official Marker Jam

I have been thinking of doing another game jam and this is a perfect excuse so to the drawing board it is


I have one!?!?!