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So if there’s a rly big argument or buIIying or smth, use that tag to tag us all


You have to ask @Ana, and please see post 2


Really? it doesn’t show a preview of the tag working
You can try testing it ig


Yeah I noticed that.

I’ll ask Ana and see if she can do something about it ig


so excited for what’s to come! thanks, ana!

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Sound cool!!!


I feel like this may be important to know instead of tagging leaders to see if they are on:

You can go to the leaders groups and see when each person last posted or was last seen


Yeah, and then if you tap ‘seen’ twice, then it puts them in order of last seen, with the leaders currently online at the top.

However, still tag the whole @Leaders group bc it might put a bit too much pressure on the one Lead currently online (like rn I’m the only one on and getting like 15 tags is a bit overwhelming haha)


Yeah, but if it’s not really an issue but you need them for something, it can be useful, like unlisting a topic immediately without a bunch of people coming in, like I am gonna do later today. Stuff that could happen right away but only when they are online. Anything that can wait even an hour or if it’s a “problem” you’re having, that could use the tag imo


If Leaders use the Discourse app and turn on notifs, they will get an instant alert when @Leaders is tagged.


Yay! It’s been a while since HSF had leaders


That is true, but sometimes they will be busy with something else


No matter. All Leads get the notif, so tagging one over the many makes little difference. But, you’re correct. Even if one has been on recently doesn’t mean they have time. If it’s just post related, all community members can flag posts. For topics, maybe finding out in advance if one can help?

I don’t feel like I’m answering your question, tho? :confused:


True, I did work out in advance with William04GamerA this morning for what I had to do – I know in most cases tagging all works, but sometimes it feels better to just tag one who can do something super quickly or is more of a “friend” to you

Something like unlisting a new topic you only need some people to see


Sure. That’s understandable. Generally, I’d recommend @ all of them. But as long as the individual tag is rare/occasional and doesn’t appear to unduly burden one Lead over another, I don’t see it as terribly problematic. I worry only about it becoming a habit causing certain leads to burn out.


Yeah, it’s not like I’m asking one lead to solve 4 arguments on closing 15 different topics or anything like that, it’s just when they are on and not busy like W04GA was this morning


Hehe! I appreciate your consideration! :+1:t4:


Wait, why aren’t the @hopscotch-curators leaders? I mean, aren’t the still a huge part of Hopscotch, I mean, they do feature projects and all. (Sorry for the revive)