About Forum Leaders


Here you can read more about what leaders are, what they do and how you could become one. If you don’t see an answer to your question, please post in the thread below and we’ll answer it.

Who are the leaders?

The leaders are regulars who have great knowledge of the community and set a positive example through their actions and their posts. Their job is to keep the forum a happy and helpful place.

What will my relationship be with them?

You can ask them questions about anything from forum protocols to Hopscotch code. They’ll also ensure that your topics and posts are relevant and positive. You can always tag them if you notice inappropriate content.

How will the leaders change my experience of the forum?

The leaders will work to make the forum a safer and friendlier place. You will always be able to ask for help. Other than that nothing will really change.

Are the leaders going to speak for Hopscotch now?

The leaders are helping Hopscotch out, but all official announcements will be published in the Announcement category.

How can I become a leader?

  • Be helpful: ask good questions, answer other people’s questions and direct them to other relevant threads

  • Be kind: always be respectful, keep your cool, and treat people like you want to be treated; don’t gossip or talk about other Hopscotchers

  • Make it useful: post on the forum about making stuff on Hopscotch

  • Be mature and responsible

  • Spread positive energy throughout the community. Have fun!

Leaders Q and A Topic
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Wow, cool! More leaders!

Thanks for the selections Ana because they were great choices!


Whoa noice, I bet our new leaders will do great!


I think that the leaders will do great!


I’m actually excited to see how this plays out, trust me, I’ll be taking notes.


Good! I’d appreciate your input as time goes on. Give the leads time to adjust, though. :sunglasses: Thanks for helping to keep us accountable!


Will you consider me again?


Let’s be patient on that. idk what happened with the second round, but I didn’t make it either ;(
I thought my response was pretty thorough and well-written, but maybe they just needed a little more from us. I’m sure they will reach out again


Wow this looks absolutely amazing!
I would love to help out the Hopscotch Forum as much as I can
It is really nice that the community Leaders have been brought back
Thank you Ana!


Flashback isn’t it? I hope the trend of good projects goes back up along with this


I know right? We will see!
I am very excited about this

Oh man I need to pull up my forum leaders topics where did those go again///


Yeah I hope so.

And if we run the summer comp or smth we might be able to give out rly good prizes so maybe more people would be motivated to code and do really well
And people might take coding comps more seriously


I SHALL START. after the project I’m currently working on


I’m really excited for being a community leader! Thank you everyone for the massive trust and support that we, the leaders, has recieved so far.


Can I Becum A Leader Boi?


Maybe sometime in the future, but I’m not responsible for recruiting leaders.


Ok and i would rlly like to change my name is it possible?


Probably, but I can’t find an option do so (at least not in the mobile version of the site). I’ll tag @Jazz and @Ana and hope that they can help you.


Sadly, we leaders can’t do that. That power lies in the hands of the wonderful @Ana and the rest of tht.

We can’t change user names or give titles or anything because that’s in your preferences tab and we don’t have access to that since I think has some of your personal info


Thank s for your questions!

  1. We’ll definitely look for more leaders in July - August 2019.
  2. You can ask to change your name once per year (the year starts from the last change).
  3. You can use the tag–leadersf