About "Flagging"

If your new, you might see people talking about "flagging"

But what is flagging?
Flagging is sort of like reporting, it's when you click on the flag button you will see on posts and topics, and then you can decide if the topic or post is mean, inappropriate, off-topic, or spam.

what do I do if the post or topic isn't anything like that, or if I don't know if it should be flagged or not?
if you don't know if something should be flagged or not, ask a moderator or someone else on the forum. Because it's not okay to flag something when it really isn't bad or against the community guidelines.

What will happen if my post or topic gets flagged?
then @liza will send you a message about what got flagged and why it got flagged, also, if you get 5 flags or more, you can't become a regular, so I totally suggest to be nice and try not to get flagged.

Why do we have flagging?
If we didn't have flagging, people would:

  1. be rude to others and say mean and inappropriate things
  2. post off topic and spam in the forum
  3. say bad words and bully others

no one wants that to happen, right?

So that's all I have to say about flagging. I hope you understand.



The same thing happened to me today! I was flagged for the second time for no reason! @BuildASnowman @Liza @t1_hopscotch why?



  • it was very helpful :slightly_smiling:
  • It's an ok how to...
  • nope. not good


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That's terrible! The person who flagged it needs to read this.


Thanks to everyone who thinks this is helpful! :smile:

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Does anyone else have a fact about Flagging?

Thanks for posting this! I can help clear things up!

  1. You should only flag posts that are mean, use bad words, have inappropriate stuff in them, or hurt someone's feelings. If you continually flag for no reason, your account can get suspended.

  2. Moderators review flags so if someone flags you without reason, the flag will be denied (and won't affect you!).

Ya'll know this, but it's worth reminding everyone that the reason we're here is to talk about making stuff on Hopscotch. There have been more flags recently because, well, things have gotten a little crazier. We love that people are getting to know each other more and share ideas, but just remember that our job is to share what we know about Hopscotch. If the forum is filled with (adorable) pictures of our pets, then people who come here for help might get lost.

You can email me if you have questions: help@gethopscotch.com!

Thanks for being the awesomest.


Just saying, but do you mean that the account will get suspended temporarily or permanently?

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Unless someone is really inappropriate, their account would only be suspended temporarily.


I got flagged 12 times but 4 were approved!


that means you can still be regular, but if you get 1 more flagged and it gets approved, then that means its five flags.


Oh, okay. If one more gets approved, does that mean I'm a member forever? I'm a regular now.

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I'm not sure, I've never seen that happen....

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Reviving this topic since it's a good reminder!

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o my wacky goodness i have been flagged 12 times

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Really..? You are so much nicer than me, how do you have more flags than me?!

Unless you did something in the past, but I don't remember you doing anything wrong.


no... people flag for no reason D:

That's terrible :(

One time I was flagged in a Q&A because someone asked what my religion was and I answered -.-

Are you sure all of them were approved..?

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Yep :confused:

I felt awful. It kinda stunk

Wow, that's really mean that someone would flag you for your religion.