About everything going on here 😕


Lately, there has been a lot of leaving topics and things like that.

A lot of people are saying that the forum is changing badly, turning in to a social media, and becoming a negative place.

Here is some things that you should do to help bring the forum back to a happy, healthy place!

no negativity!

Don't make topics saying how bad the forum is and all that. Making those topics don't help, they can actually make the forum worse.


Stop complaining about the subscription. That's why a lot of people are leaving.


You don't have to buy it

We've said that a million times. You don't need to leave. Think on the bright side! Be happy for the people who have it, and be happy that you have to challenge yourself with code.

Be respectful!

Be respectful. People who are leaving made a decision. Don't tell them that leaving isn't good and etc. it's there decision, respect that.

Stay on topic!

Stay on topic! This is a big one. Let's make this less of a social media, more of a forum.


Remember this: this happens. Life isn't fair. People get something that you don't, people leave, etc. It happens. The forum seems to go through a leaving and negative phase every once in a awhile.

I hope you agree with this. These pints are not posted at anyone!

Please tell me your thoughts here, but no flame wars!


Nice topic!




Today was my first day of school and I'm so stressed




You're welcome :D


I really agree with this.

I don't think there's a need to complain about the subscription anymore because everything's settled. People are just complaining because they can't get the subscription.:confused:

People are also getting negative about everything. We need to keep the forum positive and fix the bad things about it (if there are any).:grinning:


I know right D:

I saw like 4 leaving topics in less than an hour

too much ingestion of leaving

im going to be sick



Yeah. There is a lot of drama going on right now.


I agree!
People are big babys these days.
relies the forum is made up of a bunch of kids
still most people here are not 6 or something, or du.mb.
I thought this was going to be about @Anonymous and @PopTart0219 and @LotsaPizza, thank god this is logical! Thanks @bluedogmc-official
Let me clear this up, If you made a topic about the people I mentioned leaving, I dont think your stup.id or whatever, just nonlogical resons, but most are not! happy hopscotching!


Dude there are like a million topics about this.


I didn't see any, and I noticed a Increasing amount of leaving topics, so I made this.


This topic sums up everything perfectly!

Four amazing Hops leaving us in less than 24 hours?! This is awful! D:

Some people are leaving because they feel "the forum's a social media network". We just need to stay on topic more! But as you stated, it's their choice!

Another thing: the Leaders (especially Gilberto and the Mods) are getting a lot of hate lately. They didn't do anything wrong! They're just doing their jobs to make the community clean and happy. :D


Yeah what did the Mods and Gilberto do D:


True but issues must be addressed


Noice Topik! :thumbsup: