About Categories and Off-Topicness

Hello everyone!

Lately some people, especially new ones, have been getting confused about what is off-topic and what is okay. They have also not understood what goes in what category, and what the Random category is for.

Here’s just a little reminder about categories and off-topicness :DD

  • Firstly, here are the basics. If your topic isn’t a general topic or related to Hopscotch, coding, creativity, or math, don’t post it. This includes random polls or topics about food or sports or whatever that a lot of people seem to be making.

    • If it’s about art, don’t post it either, because all art goes in the official Drawing Topic. This includes personal art topics or requests.
  • Secondly, putting an unrelated topic in Random Stuff doesn’t make it related. Random Stuff is essentially for code-related stuff or general topics that don’t fit in any other categories.

    • If you’re a new user and someone asks you not to make random topics, don’t think they’re mad because it is or isn’t in the category Random Stuff. What they are most likely upset about is the fact that it’s unrelated to Hopscotch.
  • Thirdly, off-topic general topics are okay, and very useful indeed! Put your random things in there, chat in there, put small announcements in there. Don’t spam topics for every little thing or make a new topic every 5 minutes.

    • The Hopscotch Team has specifically said that off-topicness to get to know one another is okay, just not in random topics. Make a general topic for it!
  • Fourthly, don’t have conversations in topics that have nothing to do with the topic you’re in! Don’t talk about art on a math topic or Star Wars in a coding competition.

    • When you’re not sure what is okay to talk about in a certain topic (for example, is talking about art supplies okay in the drawing topic?), ask the creator of the topic or a moderator.
  • Lastly, if you see an off-topic topic or an off-topic conversation, don’t be afraid to tell the person or flag it! It isn’t a bad thing to flag or point something out, in fact, it’s a good thing. Never go along with an off-topic thing just because you want to.

    • If you get told your topic is off-topic, don’t get mad or think you’re being bullied or bossed around! It’s okay.

In summary, don’t go off-topic unless it’s a general topic, don’t make random spam topics, do remind people to stay on-topic, keep things in the right categories, remember what Random Stuff is really for, and don’t get upset about reminders or flags! :DD


Great topic! Even though I’m not a ‘OMG GBOT’ person, ur right!


This is really good. In fact, am bookmarking it, so I can suggest it to new user.


Awesome topic!

Also, Id like to point out for newer users,
When a lot of us older users politely ask to either SBYP or keep topics related, we’re not trying to be mean. We’re simply enforcing the rules, because there’s no longer active leaders to do it.


This is a good topic!


@treefrogstudios There is a topic about Hamilton, but doesn’t that count as off topic? (Don’t flag it though, I :heart: Hamilton)


Well, I’m not tfs, but I think that you could keep that to GT’s unless you want people to post all their Hamilton projects there. Trust me, there are some GT’s that definitely have Hamilton conversations somewhere in them.

Another thing, if it is a newer user, we might want to tell them what SBYP means.


Okay. I was just confused because there were other topics like polls and stuff, and they got flagged.:no_mouth:


There is a Hamilton club (which I am a proud member of XD), but it isn’t off topic because we have a collab account and make projects :DD


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I do think that this is a disagreement that needs to be settled, but would you mind doing it on another topic?? People might flag this and I don’t want my topic getting closed.

Sorry if I’m bothering you :)


I understand you’re determined to go around bothering people with your immature ramblings that you seem to find “cool,” but go do it to someone else. I don’t want to hear it. ://


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