Ability Folders?



So I've been making a lot of pixel art lately, and I've wondered about having ability folders! It would be really helpful to keep the ability area organized! I'm currently making a pixel art with over 50 lines, and I keep on scrolling up and down to find my color abilities! This would be really helpful saying that each line needs an ability! It would also help with games and more!

Do you agree?

  • no
  • yes



Whoops. I accidentally voted "no". Yes, they would be helpful!
Edit: changed my vote :wink:


Yes! That sounds awesome, and would definitely help with a lot of stuff! :D

@LazyLizard I did that too! :P


And I'm also working on a huge pixel art.




I think being able to use abilitlys on different projects would be great :smiley:.


I'm wayyyy off topic but...I just have to say this


I think this would be a great idea!
It would be much easier and faster to find abilities.