Abc-chain game!



As you may know, there are many chain games around the forum, so I decided to make this! :D
Here is an example! :D
P1: Did you hear? Hopscotch is now an App!
P2: I heard! I wonder if @Bananadog will join the forum? Do you know if she/he will?
P3: Maybe. Did you hear Calico cat 2.0 joined the forum?
So it's basically a did-you-hear game in the order of the alphabet! Or you could say anything Hopscotch or forum related with the letter it starts with.
Just make sure to bold the letter in the alphabet that you continue. As shown in the example, it has to be at the start of the most important word. :D



Have fun!

I did a broad search as Gilbert189 told me to do, and found nothing
I'll start:
We2fd made a project about Apples! I really like it, and I've been eating more since. :D

Yay! Thanks for the 100th nice topic!

Oh my gosh YASSSS!
Trail Art is really getting popular these days!

Edit: sorry oops

Banana Dog is really good at art!



Did you hear I tried to make a BLT but failed?

(By make I mean code)


Did u hear! it was raining bananas


Next letter B!
A lot of Hops are going to the Beach for the summer! :D


I like cats in hopscotch


Not me!

Did you hear? A person has Carrot in their username!


I'm going to the beach the week of our birthday!

Many Hops Dream of getting Featured! :D


Even though I like drawing, I like Hopscotch even more. :D

(Thanks for including me in the example @tankt2016) :D


The Forum is amazing! :3
I love it! :D


You're welcome! You were the only one who I could think that had a B! :D


Isn't hopscotch


Did you hear? Hopscotch now costs $10!


I heard! Did you know that there are a lot of i(username)s? :D


I did! I'm planning to code a Jar of Jelly! I hope it gets featured!


I didn't hear, actually!


Thanks for editing, @OnceUponATime!


Wat? Oh, no prob!


Bumping this topic up. :D