Abbreviations for the Forum



This topic is semi-recycled! :0

Here we put abbreviations, acronyms, etc. that we use on the forum that someone might not know.

GBOT/BOT: Get Back On Topic/Back On Topic
Chakin: chicken but better
THT: The Hopscotch Team
SBYP: Search Before You Post
k: a short way of saying "okay"
Thicks: Thanks
Irl- in real life

You can add stuff, but make sure people actually use it on the forum :D

Forum Acronyms? Eg: Irl, OMG, lol
Helping the Unnoticed👍🏻
A Beginner's Guide to the Hopscotch Forum
Help searching for new topics
Hello! I'm CatWithABrush!
A complete guide through the forum through links!

What about SBYP? It's Search Before You Post.

JonnyGamer's General Topic Season 2 -- frying magikarps and the invasion of BIDOOF drop de doodle doo no one knows who wrote dis proffesһionalley. ALMIGHTY HAMILL TOTES MY GOATS Chips Ahoy

IGMH - insert gif/meme here!


My really long acronym.

HTIMTTCLBTLOTFIPMSC - Hopefully this is more than twenty characters long because the limit on the forum is preventing my short comment.
Don't think many people will use this, though because
1) Too many letters to remember, and
2) Ironically, it's only 19 characters. :laughing:


Change "is" to "will be", and you'll be set.


Great idea! What about BOT (Be On-Topic) and KYPIS (Keep Your Personal Information Safe)?


Here are some more!
ITFH - Insert Troll Face Here
RCG - Read The Community Guidelines
YNPLA - Your New Profile Picture Looks Awesome!
AITNT - Add (Tag Name) Tag
PPTAD - Please Put That In A Detail
UAH - Use Acronym Here


IRSBUTTFOMVSCBIWUTABIDLTWTAATAIS I really should be using the trick to fill out my very short comment but I want to use this acronym because I don't like the wired trick and also this acronym is awesome!


F4LO= Follow 4 Likes official! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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@seawolfwerehorse is this what you're talking about?


How is this related?
(Not towards this topic)


OC= Original/Other/Own Character
OS= OrangeScent
HS= Hopscotch
THT= The Hopscotch Tea :tea:


LOL! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


IC= Illuminati Confirmed
SMBP= a Stop Making Bad Puns

TS= True Story




Failed to intimidate me.


/O\ =




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