Aariv’s list of different coding ideas



Out of ideas? Want to make something not related to a clicker or art or something like that? Try this list!

  1. A game where you can make your own business and do everything a businessman does!
    2.you are the pilot of a plane and its engines fail
    3.a soccer game(not penalty shootouts!)
    4.a high speed chase-you are the one escaping from the police!
    5.hopscotch space wars-your spaceship crashes into a an unknown planet when it got shot down
    6 You are anti-aircraft on a battleship!
    7 Invent your own a species!(note:not a maker game!)
    8 launch the voyager 3,and explore the universe!
    9 travel around the world game-see the whole world!
    10 become a millionaire from a poor guy!
    This projects are sure hard to make,but with some effort,they can be made!:grinning:
    If you made one of these,feel free to share them below!

Does anyone have game ideas? I need them
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It suddenly feels the forum has gone inactive


I like these ideas… if people can work on this through HS itd ve amazing


Yeah, these are some really interesting and creative ideas!!


Those ideas are great! It will surely help someone out there!


Thanks! Pls do share them once you finished.


I like these ideas! Thanks!