A Year Has Gone By! (Thanks!)


Well I guess today is my anniversary! Thank you community for the wonderful year! We had some ups and downs but we still made it! You guys have been wonderful and I hope for 2 more years we still have this community! I'm in shocked how fast a year has went by! New comers have joined and oldies have left! I have no idea what to say expect thanks!

Thank you for everything you have done! You have been kind and you have an amazing personality! I am happy that we are friends!

Wow! Thank you for everything you have done! You are an amazing artist! I am happy that we are friends!

What a year dude! We had some great memories! Thanks for being my friend!

I am so happy we met! You are amazing! Thanks for being my friend!

Well then! A year has already went by! Thanks for being a crazy friend!

Thanks for being an amazing friend. You have good personality and you are super nice!

Thanks for being there when I was not in a good mood! You are amazing and I love your drawings!

You are an awesome coder. You are an inspiration to me! Thanks for being a great friend!

Thanks for inspiring me to be outside the box! Thanks for everything!

Thanks for being a funny person! You make me laugh and you are very bright! Thanks for being my friend!

You are an amazing friend and artist! You are very funny and kind! Thanks for being my friend!

You are very bright! You like to make everyone happy and you are super kind! Thanks for being my friend!

I'm not good at speeches... so thanks community!!






As soon as I saw that you were tagged, I knew EXACTLY what you would say.




happy anniversary!! (:

here is a virtual slice of cake




Thank you!! Happy anniversary! :D


oh my gosh that looks so good,,


Happy Anniversary! You have been a very nice forumer, and I hope that you will continue doing so! :D


Happy anniversary! You're a very cool person!


No problem! Thanks for being my friend!


Happy anniversary, @Sweetlina!


Happy anniversary! :cake::birthday:
I think it'll be a long time until I get an anniversary :thinking::stuck_out_tongue:


aah thank you for mentioning me!! happy anniversary!!!


Happy Anniversary @Sweetlina!!:gift::gift::balloon::balloon::tada::tada::confetti_ball::confetti_ball:

Hope it's a good one fren!! :grin:



You're really chill and I like being around you because you're fun and not all positive


Hi Sweetlina!! I'm glad for you :smile::smile:


congrats but what about me :clap::clap::clap::clap:


Happy anniversary @Sweetlina!

You are a really good part of the community, you have made a lot of things your first year.